A writing Rope

In 2017 Spincemaille create the artwork Rope: a blue Rope of 60 meters long and 30 cm in diameter. Rope has been made disproportionately large and has therefore lost its function as a rope. Ief Spincemaille travels with Rope to give it new function and meaning. During these travels Rope writes a daily journal about it’s experiences.


Social sculpture

Rope is a social sculpture. It receives meaning through the interactions with people and places. Like a camera or brush, it is a medium for imagining another reality and creating stories. Stories that arise from the inspiration, dynamics and energy of the place where Rope is hosted. Creations with Rope are therefore fundamentally open: the interaction with different people and places with their own value systems, dreams and goals are the building blocks of the creative process. As an outsider who does not have to abide by existing protocols, Rope enters new arenas every time, with the urge to discover, to change, and - especially – to reinvent himself.

Braiding Rope

You can braid your own Rope with our mobile braiding installation. A great way for you to bring communities together and for us to present the techniques and ideas behind this artwork.