An artwork you can sit on

Ropes of 6 meters are modular seating elements for 1 to 10 people. They can be used in as many ways as your imagination tells you. You can lie, sit, hang on it and children can play endlessly with it. And of course you can also just sculpt an interesting shape with it or hang it on the wall. Rope is an open design object: it is what your imagination tells you.   

Four new multiples

For Rope 6M. Atelier Ief Spincemaille worked together with textile designer Esther van Schuylenbergh on four unique designs. These designs are produced in a limited edition, handwoven using a technique developed by Spincemaille on the basis of traditional weaving crafts, and fully made in Belgium. The four multiples were given titles refering to people who where important during the travels of Rope 60M in Guangzhou, Firenze, Ostend and Antwerp.