For communities 

Rope 12M, a Rope of 12 meters long, can be used as modular seating, lounge, meeting or play object, both for use in private and public spaces, inside and outside. They can make meetings and brainstorm sessions more active and inspiring, and comes in handy during design thinking activities. Rope can be used as a temporary movable social space or it can be  permanently anchored and installed on public squares. On a 12 meter Rope 30 people can sit.

Rope 12 M. comes in a big-bag and can be delivered in different colors and materials. Different pieces of 12 meter can be connected together.

New ways of being together

Because people on Rope are physically connecting in a unique way - between sitting and lying down, playing and speaking, together on one object - this artwork of 12 meters creates new ways of being together. Sitting/laying/hanging/playing together on one object, we look in different directions, and we seem to experience silence completely differently. If one person shifts or moves, Rope also rearranges, and an intimate choreography is created parallel to the conversation. Rope creates new ways of being together.


Braid your own Rope

You can braid your own Rope with our mobile braiding installation. A great way for you to bring communities together and for us to present the techniques and ideas behind this work of art.