Woven by hand in our workshop

For this purpose, a special braiding installation was developed in collaboration with engineering firm Comate Engineering & Design (Leuven, BE). The development of the webbing for the Ropes is done together with the Belgian weaving mill Rubis (Izegem, BE) and Neckebroek Passementerie (Erpe-Mere, BE). 


Braided by the community

The braiding installation that we created to braid Ropes can be deployed on location to create a Rope together with residents and visitors. Together with our team, the community is invited to braid ‘Rope’, learn about the ancient Asian braiding techniques which form the basis of the design, the materials used, and the actual making process.  


Artworks based on technical wonder

Technique plays an importanyt role in the work of Atelier Spincemaille. For Rope, we first had to immerse ourselves in the art of braiding and the centuries-long tradition that exists in it. The Japanese Kumihimo technique was the key to expand the braiding technique to the scale of these Ropes of 30 cm in diameter.

Braiding machine

The braiding machine for the artwork of 6o meter, was initiatlly conceived and developped by Ief Spincemaille. To adapt the braiding installation to create Ropes for customers, we sought collaboration with the Leuven engineering firm Comate. In a number of meetings we were able to merge our two worlds, insights and fields of work in order to come to the most optimal braiding installation. An installation that leaves the braiding process visible and gives people a central place. 


For the development of the webbing with which Rope is woven, we work together with weaving company Rubis NV. This Belgian family business is located in Izegem. Together with them we discovered a world that turns wires into tyres, strong enough to become an object 60 metres long in all weathers. We were introduced to an industry that was once large and powerful in supporting the Belgian economy.


For the recent development of the new Rope 6M. we worked together with Esther Van Schuylenbergh. This search has provisionally resulted in three new designs for the 6 meter Ropes. Ropes that will mainly find a place at home or in companies. Like no other Esther is able to dive deep into the fabric, until the warp and weft reach the level of pixels, zeros and ones that provide an almost magical exposure of colors and patterns. The patterns that are created are entered on a Jacquard machine. For this we work together with the people from Neckebroek Passementerie in Erpe-Mere, Belgium.