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In his work, Spincemaille questions transitional processes and border spaces, where something or someone changes into something else, loses an identity and has an undefined status. With his work he often describes, activates and places himself in transitional spaces, roles and identities.

He is always looking for different forms and methods and is active in different domains (design, art, performance, research, technique) which is reflected in a varied oeuvre consisting of visual works, installations and, since 2008, various in-situ relational projects with which he creates spaces for exchange and appropriation.

For several years, Spincemaille has been developing in situ relational projects in and with non-artistic contexts such as an abbey, a prison, a residential neighborhood, a bicycle workshop. Spincemaille's summarizes these under the heading of re-residency. In a re-residency light the emphasis is on the relationships you build as an artist with a context, on finding a new habitat as an artist in contexts that have other objectives than making a work of art.

In 2017, Spincemaille premiered the work Rope at the Fabbrica Europa festival. Rope is Spincemaille's most widely shown re-residency project. After six years, Rope is still frequently shown internationally. It has already been shown in Firenze (Fabbrica Europa festival), Berlin (Popkudamm), Potsdam (D), Salone Del Mobile Milan (It), Designmonat at Graz (AU), Wiels museum (B), M-museum (B), Theater Aan Zee (B), Guangzhou Biennale (China). This year Rope can be seen at Festival de Marseille (FR), Helsinki Design Week (FI), INEA (Uruguay), Popkudamm (D), Cape Town (NL) and Lowlands (NL). Various museums, cities and organizations use Ropes of 11 and 6 meters to make connections with the outside world. To braid this disproportionate rope, Spincemaille designed and made a braiding installation at the interface between craft and modern techniques. In 2018, Spincemaille acquired a patent for this technique.

Rope was nominated ‘Winner’ in the category ‘Community’ at the Henry Van de Velde Awards, 2019.
Rope received an honourable mention at the Textirama Foundation Awards, 2020.